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Looking forward to the 2014 season!

2013 Historic Summit Inn Season Recap

Our 2013 season is coming to a close! We had such an amazing season filled with visits from our favorite returning guests, some great new friends, beautiful weddings and stunning sunsets from the Veranda! The Historic Summit Inn’s season started with a nostalgic goodbye to our Olympic size steel swimming pool. We worked on the new pool all season and were disappointed that due to unforeseen weather and a couple other complications we weren’t able to open the new pool in 2013. However, we are very excited to finish the new outdoor pool and pool house next season!

One of the highlights of the 2013 season was when we were honored with some amazing community choice awards for best Wedding Venue and Most Romantic Restaurant. We will work hard to earn our neighbors votes again next year! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a venue or awesome establishment to celebrate your special day, party or reunion.

During the last few weeks of October we hosted the “Treehouse Master” Pete Nelson, and his crew while they built an amazing Treehouse to add a unique new venue to our property. Look for the release of this new episode of Treehouse Masters to air on Animal Planet sometime in early January. We will keep you updated here and on facebook for future announcements on when this special episode of Treehouse Masters will air. If you want a sneak peak, take a look at this small post.

Thanks again to all of our guests and amazing staff for an incredible 2013 season! See you again in April, 2014 :)

Summit Inn Treehouse

New Treehouse Masters Treehouse at the Summit Inn

We are excited to announce the addition of a new ‘Treehouse Masters’ treehouse to the Historic Summit Inn Resort property. The Treehouse Bungalow was designed and built by world renowned treehouse architect Pete Nelson and his team. The house in the trees features a forty-five foot bridge which leads to the front door of a cozy interior with a wrap around deck. The episode of Treehouse Masters featuring the Historic Summit Inn will air early in January of 2014. This new addition to the property will be open for tours in the Spring of 2014. Call 724-438-8594 for details!

Unfortunately the pool is not open yet. We are working on the new pool house now and in order to have access for construction we are not able to have the outdoor pool open until the entire project is complete.

Pool Construction Update

Unfortunately the pool is not open yet. We are working on the new pool house now and in order to have access for construction we are not able to have the outdoor pool open until the entire project is complete.

Summit Inn New Outdoor Pool Progress!

Summit Inn New Outdoor Pool Progress!

We are making great progress on the new outdoor pool this week! We have had beautiful weather here at the Summit Inn to work with this week. The interior finish was put on the pool and the concrete deck was completed. We are working on the land contour today and should have top soil and grass planted by Friday! We are hoping to start the pool house very soon! Check back on our website or like us on facebook for more details and photos!

Summit Inn New Pool Construction *Update*

Summit Inn New Pool Construction *Update*

The new pool at the Historic Summit Inn

We have most of the concrete poured and have completed the retaining wall for the deck today! We are moving along quickly now, hopefully the weather will be on our side! Rain Rain Go Away, Pool Construction Do Not Delay!!!!

Free Golf at The Historic Summit Inn!

FREE Golf when you stay at the Summit Inn


We are offering FREE golf on our nine hole regulation golf course to guests visiting Sunday through Thursday. A one night’s accommodation includes one free Green’s fee per person per night on our historic nine hole course! Come stay with us and enjoy breathtaking views while golfing for FREE on our beautiful course!! Call 724-438-8594 for availability and details!

Summit Inn Outdoor Pool Construction UPDATE

Summit Inn Outdoor Pool Construction *UPDATE*

It took a lot of time to get the old pool out of the ground because it had to be cut with torches by hand. The steel was about 3/8″ thick and had “I” beams every ten feet! It was quite a process! We then filled and compacted the ground. The new pool was cut and then formed with concrete. We had to wait for the perfect weather to put the finish on the interior of the pool. Just a few drops of rain could have ruined it. We are now working on the the hot tub, fencing, and the pump room. We have everything lined up to break ground on the pool house and restrooms in the next few weeks. We are working as quickly as we can to open the pool but want to make sure everything is perfect when we welcome our guests to use it. Check back for more updates soon!

Don Shoemaker’s legacy lives on with the Historic Summit Inn

A Little Biography about Don Shoemaker

Donald Diehl Shoemaker was born in 1924 in Bedford, PA. He grew up as a farmer but in High School became interested in the Hospitality Industry while working as a golf caddy at nearby Bedford Springs Resort. He listed his ambition in his senior yearbook as “to become a hotel manager.” After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard Don married his high school sweetheart, Eunice. They both began working there way up through the ranks at Bedford Springs Resort. Shortly after their only daughter, Karen, was born Don was promoted to Resort Manager at Bedford Springs. The family moved into the manager house, known as “the White House,” on the resort property.

Don’s reputation of hard work spread through the hospitality industry quickly and it was not long until he was offered numerous jobs. He moved to Farmington in 1957 to manage the Summit Inn. It was during his time there, working for the Abbell Company, that Don realized his new dream was to own his own hotel. He and Eunice saved all they could and borrowed the rest from Mr. Eberly at Fayette Bank to buy the Summit Inn.

During their first years as owners they became very diligent with costs and preservation of the hotel. Don spent countless hours at the hotel watching costs and labor while making guests feel welcomed. Even when Don wasn’t at the hotel he was in his favorite chair in his living room overlooking the hotel. He once stopped a chimney fire from starting by calling the to warn the front desk from his favorite recliner. He was known as a wonderful friend and boss. He felt very lucky that he had lived his dream and was anxious to help others with theirs. He played a key role in saving the Laurel Caverns from strip mining by purchasing and preserving the caverns while the current owner, David Cale, was able to save enough to purchase the property for himself. He was also known as a very honest and hard headed businessman. He once kicked AAA out of the hotel when they asked him to replace the original Stickley furniture in the lobby with more modern furnishings.

Without Don Shoemaker the Summit would not have survived the times. Don was diagnosed with cancer in 1994 and passed the reigns to his only daughter, Karen. Don passed away in 1997 but his legacy lives on through his family at the Historic Summit Inn.

Summit Inn Opening Day 1907

Opening Day at the Historic Summit Inn - 1907

This Historic Photo was taken just before opening day in 1907. These are the woodworkers, masons, plumbers, and general contractors that built The Summit Inn. It is thanks to them, and their quality craftsmanship, that The Summit has lasted over a century.

Sandy brings us snow!

Sandy brought us some snow! Our hearts go out to all the families that have lost their homes, are without power or have endured hardships caused by the storm. We welcome are neighbors to come keep warm by our fireplace!

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