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Laurel Caverns

Laurel Caverns in Laurel Highlands

Laurel Caverns

Thanks to Don Shoemaker, the Historic Summit Inn and Laurel Caverns have an entwined history. When the caverns came up for sale in 1972, Don recognized the importance of preserving the cave, when others may have been interested in subdividing the property or quarrying it’s valuable limestone.

Don and his wife Eunice preserved the property for 14 years, while Dave Cale, the caverns long time manager and current owner saved up the funds to bring the caves back into the Cale family.

The preservationist theme of the cave required that it tie up large amounts of money with little or no return. With only four months of income and twelve months of bills, running Laurel Caverns was something one did for the love of the property, not for money.” —Dave Cale

Located 5 miles from the Summit Inn on Skyline Drive, Laurel Caverns is a 435-acre geological park featuring Pennsylvania’s largest cave, which contains over 3 miles of passages under the Chestnut Ridge. A variety of activities cater to the traveling public, school education programs, scout merit badge programs, and summer camp programs for high adventures seekers.

Located 5 miles from the Historic Summit Inn on Skyline Drive, in Farmington, PA. Open seven days a week from May 1st to October 31st. Other times available by special arrangement.

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